Arnulf Neuwirth

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AUTOR Arnulf Neuwirth
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induktiver Denkprozess des Weglassens von Einzelheiten und des Überführens auf etwas Allgemeineres oder Einfacheres Sprache kann auch nicht in Abstraktion verstanden werden. 言葉は その 抽象 概念として理解されるのではなく. abstraktion, application for color management Logiciel SAAS pour stylistes de mode menu Simulation de tissus à carreaux Habillage mapping sur photo Investisseurs Inscription Simulation de tissu La simulation de tissu permet de. Abstraktion Abwesenheit abstracción abstraction astrazione sottrazione abstraksjon abstrakcja абстракция abstraction [æbˈstrækʃən] N 1. (= act) → abstraccíón f 2. (= absent-mindedness) → distraimiento m, ensimismamiento. /12/21 · Abstraction in its main sense is a conceptual process where general rules and concepts are derived from the usage and classification of specific examples, literal ("real" or "concrete") signifiers, first principles, or other methods. "An abstraction" is the outcome of this process—a concept that acts as a common noun for all subordinate. /08/27 · Den fuldstændige abstraktion fremkommer ved udelukkende at anvende farver i frembringelse af kunstværket. Der må ikke være elementer, linjer eller figurer med, som betragteren kan bruge i sin tolkning til at danne kendte mønstre. /01/26 · The Blog for aktionscampus.de, a non-profit organization for the promotion, exhibition and research of abstraction across all disciplines and geographic boundaries. Based in the UK, we invite submissions from the wider abstract universe. Well played, you found us. We are Abstraction, a tight-knit game development studio that does not shy away from a real challenge. This is why we have been given the opportunity to work on 50+ of the greatest titles within our industry over the course of no less than 12 years. Katso myös: abstrahoida Taivutus yks. nom. abstraktio, yks. gen. abstraktion, yks. part. abstraktiota, yks. ill. abstraktioon, mon. gen. abstraktioiden. • Abstraktion → abstraction ↔ abstractie — een begrip dat los staat van de dagelijkse werkelijkheid • Abstraktion → abstraction ↔ abstraction — opération par laquelle l’ esprit abstraire, séparer, isoler certains caractère s des chose s, ou de leur type. • Abstraktion → . ab·strac·tion (ăb-străk′shən, əb-) n. 1. a. The act of abstracting or the state of having been abstracted. b. An abstract concept, idea, or term. c. An abstract quality. 2. Preoccupation; absent-mindedness. 3. An abstract work of art. ab·strac′tion·al, ab·strac′tive adj. abstraction (æbˈstrækʃən) n 1. absence of mind; preoccupation 2. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. See also: abstraktion.