Angela Saini

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AUTOR Angela Saini
ISBN 2017

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Define inferior. inferior synonyms, inferior pronunciation, inferior translation, English dictionary definition of inferior. adj. 1. Low or lower in order, degree, or rank: Captain is an inferior rank to major. 2. a. Low or lower in quality, value, or estimation. inferior and superior inferior angle of scapula inferior cervical ganglion inferior conjugate inferior costal facet inferior dental canal inferior left colic arteries inferior limit equilibrium inferior mirage inferior nasal concha inferior olivary nucleus inferior or anatomical cardia inferior orbital fissure inferior product Zojuist vertaald. Vertalingen van 'inferior' in het gratis Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en vele andere Nederlandse vertalingen. Inferior definition is - of little or less importance, value, or merit. How to use inferior in a sentence. inferior definition: 1. not good, or not as good as someone or something else: 2. lower, or of lower rank: 3. of the. Learn more. Inferior definition, lower in station, rank, degree, or grade (often followed by to): a rank inferior to colonel. See more. inferior definition: The definition of inferior is someone or something that is not very good, that is not as good as something else, or that is of lower quality. (adjective) An example of inferior is a cheap knock-off purse, which is of low quality. Superior of superius (Latijn: superior, hoger gelegen) is de plaatsaanduiding van een lichaamsonderdeel dat hoger ligt dan een ander, gelijkaardig tegenovergestelde is inferior.. Voorbeeld. Musculus rectus superior: de bovenste rechte oogspier, tegenover; Musculus rectus inferior: de . Another word for inferior. Find more ways to say inferior, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.  · of lower quality Anna had always felt inferior to her brother due to poor school grades. , [John] Dryden, “Preface”, in Fables Ancient and Modern; [ ], London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, [ ], OCLC Whether they are equal or inferior to my other poems, an author is the most improper judge.· of lower rank an inferior. 87 synonyms of inferior from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for inferior.